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We are a direct partner of the largest Developers in Antalya and Alanya

Professional organization of investment tours

Four days. TOP Builders of Antalya. Interesting program

Why Turkey?

Over 300
sunny days a year
economy among G20 contries
2nd fast growing
rental yield
of life at a relatively low cost.

High quality
approach to business
Loyal and advanced
on the basis of purchase or long-term residence permit when investing

Obtaining citizenship
when investing in new facilities

High profitability
education for your children
European quality
towards Russia

Friendly attitude
What do we offer and how do we work?
Freedom Invest is a professional real estate broker in Turkey and one of the largest partners of major developers in the Antalya's coast. What are the benefits of this for you and for us?
Tangible project discounts from the developer, which we provide to customers

We work only with proven and large developers
We have more than 15 developers in the portfolio, and more than 1200 objects available at a moment

Cozy office in the center of Antalya, where you can get acquainted with our professional consultants
Our experience allows us to work with facilities with high investment profitability
Obtaining a residence permit for you and your family, including citizenship

Turnkey transactions - full legal and professional support

What do we offer and how do we work? What do we offer and how do we work? What do we offer and how do we work? What do we offer and how do we work? What do we offer and how do we work? What do we offer and how do we work? What do we offer and how do we work? What do we offer and how do we work? What do we offer and how
Investment program with up to 50% per year in real estate in Turkey profitability
Wouldn’t you say that sounds tempting?
What if we also tell you about modern and comfortable residential complexes with its year-round infrastructure in walking distance from the sea. Below you will find a part of facilities whose general partners we are.
In Freedom Invest
we organize investment tours with our clients to the major projects and investment attractive facilities.

Take part in the investment tour
Tour is 2-3 days in duration with clear and effective program

100% organization from us, which includes transfers, assistance with accomodation, meeting with owners and management of developers, quality analysis and effective time spent in the circle of like-minded people

Joint venture for collective investments with a return of up to 40% annually

We team up people to create a stronger position in front of the developer in order to get additional conditions for you.
You won'be able to receive such conditions individually.

Tours are held periodically, usually once every 2 weeks, so you will always have time to make a decision and get aditional consultation.
This is a great opportunity for you to get to know real estate professionals, have a great time, get to know our region as an investor, not as a tourist.

Investment tour program
Our office is located in the heart of the city, in Liman district. We are building an investment business for the next 7-10 years. It's a long-term business.

Our team lives and works in Antalya
Advantages of working with us
analysts in our team, residence permit and citizenship support staff, financial consultants, account managers, lawyers, accountants.

We have 12 investment
through partnership arrangements with developers we earn on commission. All the deals you make directly with the developer.

We do not hide our financial model
ourselves so we are on the same track with you.
We invest in real estate in Turkey
Antalya is a city of opportunities and comfort
Freedom Invest is located in the beautiful city of Antalya, in the south of Turkey.
Let us share with you some facts why we fell in love with this city
Antalya is located at the foot of the majestic Taurus Mountains. So on the one hand you are surrounded by a luxurious water surface, on the other by an incredibly beautiful mountain range. And it is for this reason Antalya is a unique microclimate, subtropical with elements of tropical
Moving to this city will have a great impact on your well-being, and all this thanks to the freshest seasonal fruits and vegetables. There is a long, well-maintained promenade in Antalya that stretches through the city and is 21km long. There you can find bicycle and jogging paths, restaurants, playgrounds and sport facilities, beach clubs. This is the place where the residents spend their evenings
And in 2022, Antalya airport hosted a record number of aircrafts, more than most European harbors

From Turkey directly from Antalya or Istanbul you can go anywhere in the world at it won't be costly

Many ethnic Europeans live in Antalya which in turn had an impact on the quality of the services provided in education and medical spheres. In the city there's a lot of high-class profile clinics with modern equipment, excellent colleges and kindergartens, universities with European standards of education

The city has a perfect infrastructure, among which it is worth noting the well-developed roads, public transport, where with a maximum of one connection you can reach any part of the city, more than 1,000 well-maintained playgrounds and sport facilities, many hospitals and educational institutions, operating in Russian language in particular

The proximity of many iconic tourist destinations from Antalya will make your weekend saturated and bright. Side with its European restaurants and gentle descent into the sea, where children are comfortable until November, vibrant Alanya, Kemer, ski resorts in 1 hour's drive
More than 1 million of people live in the city permanently, and up to 3 million people visit Antalya during the peak tourist summer months. For this reason, life in the city is always bubbling, there are many activities and cultural events. Life becomes bright and full. There is a huge variety of groups of interest, including business communities, parents, sports etc.
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